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Title: Memory and History – Reqak, 1999
Technique: Oil on linen
Dimensions: 118 x 207 cm
Year: 2023

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Title: Memory and History – Reqak, 1999

The concept of the work “MEMORY OF HISTORY – Reqak, 1999” is based on the horrific massacre of January 15, 1999, in the village of Reqak and then the moment of the funeral ceremony of 45 Albanian civilians. This serious historical event on the innocent Albanian population by Serbian paramilitary forces sensitized the wide international opinion of Serbian crimes in Kosovo, paving the way for NATO bombing of Serbia’s military targets. In this work are presented the moments of the descent of the corpses towards the cemetery by thousands of individuals who pay their last respects under their expected consciousness of the fate of the country. Faded and sad faces continue the march without fear, accumulating energy for future brows.

  • The work “MEMORY OF HISTORY – Reqak, 1999” has been realized in several creative phases. At first, compositional detail was sketched, concreteizing the effects of high space with an artistic drama and with the cool environmental background of some flags in space. Then at various stages are painted crowds of people who follow the river of coffins covered with national flags and moving according to traditional customs.
  • – The quality of the medium painted with oil colors on large size leaves is very high quality and copes with the change of frame in desired situations. Durability of the work is guaranteed for many years to come and as a format there are adaptations for display in various galleries or museums.


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