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My art is always in search of a magical universe. In this universe of our existence, living things are different both in appearance and in actions.
Undoubtedly, man emerges as the master of the universe and a seeker of technological achievements.
We, the people, are looking for different alternatives for life, beauty, wealth, etc. In the narrow sense, my art seeks:
Mystical world.
Magical world.
The magical world of my country.
Memory and history.
Galactic Time.
In search, etc.
Metis has opened 11 personal exhibitions and has participated in more than 130 joint exhibitions, festivals, and symposia of national and international character, such as in Kosovo, Albania, Macedonia, Turkey, Italy, Belgium, Germany, Sweden, USA, Portugal, Iran, Holland, France, South Korea, Austria, Egypt, Malaysia, etc. During his artistic creativity and other professional engagements, he has been awarded several times and has realized many projects in the field of graphic design and visual arts. He published a large number of illustrations, posters, and thematic cartoons in various books, magazines, and ewspapers. In 1993, Metis founded the “Eurographics“ Publishing House, which he led with complete success, to provide a publishing contribution at the time of Kosovo’s information crisis, until 1997. In addition to the narrow professional activity, his activity also develops in the management of artistic manifestations. He was the president of the Association of Applied Artists of Kosovo from 2001, while from 2011 onwards he organizes two cultural activities of international character, “Euro Kosova Art“ and “Global Art Competition“. These artistic events have now achieved affirmative recognition abroad, reaching a high level of organization and publicity. For a long time, Metis was engaged in the Ministry of ducation, Science, and Technology in the design of curricula from the field of visual arts. Also, Muhamet Ahmeti-Metis is the author of several textbooks on visual arts and co-author of Albanian textbooks in the diaspora. Metis was an engaged professor of Graphic Design at the “Albanian University“ of Tirana and contributed to the opening of the Department of Design from 2011 to 2015. Then, he stopped teaching there due to numerous professional commitments in different countries of the world. He currently works at the Faculty of Arts of the University of Pristina “Hasan Prishtina“ as a full professor of Graphic Design and is proud of his successful creation of painting, illustration, graphic design, and authorial writings from the field of visual arts.”

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